Parking Control

The FireFly ESV was built for Parking Control and Curb Management

The FireFly ESV is a dependable workhorse that will run all day and allow parking enforcement officers (PEOs) to complete their jobs efficiently and effectively. No other vehicle in the market encompasses so many design features that are critical for the execution of parking enforcement requirements. And the FireFly is virtually maintenance free, which significantly reduces operating costs and increases vehicle uptime.

The FireFly ESV is the ideal Parking Specific Vehicle (PSV)

Packed with operating features specifically designed to facilitate parking management responsibilities, the FireFly PSV serves as a stable and reliable platform for use with most advanced license plate recognition (ALPR) and other parking enforcement systems.  

The use of PSVs has been proven to be twice as efficient vs. on-foot enforcement and are more effective than use of standard vehicles helping to increase the incidence of constituent compliance and generation of citation revenues.

PSV’s increased operator efficiency by 47% vs. on foot or conventional vehicle patrolling. Enforcement revenues increased by an average of over $500,000 over the 7-year life of a PSV vs. ticketing with other methods.

—2019 FPTA & Dixon Resources Unlimited, Inc.

The FireFly’s extensive list of standard features and benefits will make it an indispensable resource in your parking fleet: