evTS Connect™

Connected Vehicle Platform

evTS Connect™ is a proprietary connected vehicle platform comprised of an IOT hardware device connected wirelessly to the cloud, incorporating web-service based data management and analytics applications

Vehicle Management System: All evTS vehicles are equipped with a remotely accessible vehicle management system to monitor, store and report on vehicle telemetry such as location, driver behavior and performance data through the vehicle’s CAN-Bus network. Fault thresholds, critical alerts and maintenance warnings can all be managed and forwarded to users and fleet managers via text, email, in App or telephonic alert.

The system is also monitored by evTS for maintenance and repair purposes, which enables early detection and diagnosis of small issues before they become big problems! All data is archived for use in reporting and long-term performance studies on an individual vehicle basis.

evTS Connect System Integration: The evTS Connect API friendly interface architecture is designed to be integrated with third-party systems for options like fleet dispatching, intelligent routing optimization, charging network utilization, etc., or with on-board sensors customized to a particular bed option or vehicle accessory system

Fleet Management System: Historical vehicle data and real time status is accessible via a subscription-based fleet management system displaying data on any vehicles owned under a single entity. A suite of daily, weekly, monthly and other perioding reporting options are highly customizable and include key vehicle and driver specific operational insights