About Us

Getting things done. Every day everywhere a vehicle is being used to accomplish tasks big and small. Deliveries are made, trash is picked up, security is assured. In congested areas, at remote worksites, in parks, at schools and businesses everywhere, there are some things only the right vehicle can help do. Some vehicles leave a lasting footprint on their environment, and others leave a fleeting shadow. Meet the Firefly ESV® from evTS, Inc., a purpose built, right-sized, commercial light utility vehicle that just happens to be all-electric. The future of sustainable Mobility that Works™.


Our CTO grew up in Arkansas where at a young age he loved to stay out past dark and was fascinated by the seemingly numberless fireflies that would invade his hometown each summer. Greg never lost his passion for the outdoors and those fireflies. After a career in engineering, the idea of an electric vehicle specifically designed to serve the countless needs of essential workers took root, along with the dream that there might someday be as many of those vehicles as there were FireFly’s in the sky.

evTS’ mission is to be the premier urban mobility and on-demand commercial fleet management systems provider. We produce purpose built, electric light utility vehicles with real-time, cloud connected tracking, routing, and performance monitoring solutions to meet the needs of the essential services transportation and e-mobility markets.

evTS is committed to producing a superior product which provides both economic and environmental added value through continual improvement, advancements in its core technology and the application of forward-looking new concepts to create innovative vehicle designs. 

Core Values:

Authenticity and Integrity
We will engage in open, honest, and authentic communications, with our colleagues and with our customers. We will demonstrate the willingness and skill to deal openly and directly with the unforeseen problems and conflicts that will occur. We will promote an environment of trust by being open to personal improvement, and by providing and receiving constructive criticism from our industry partners and customers. We will lead “top down” from the front, by example and without unknown agendas or bureaucracy, and stand ready to support from behind as appropriate and necessary.

Pursuit of Continuous Improvement
We will strive to achieve continuous improvement throughout all areas of our business including communications, processes and systems. We will consistently set high expectations for ourselves, our partners and our dealers, embodying the standard of “working on all things with all of one’s heart, mind, and spirit”.

Engaging Spirit
We will respect and honor the opinions of others based upon the core principles of collaboration and honesty. We will show our passion through energy, involvement, creative ideas, and courtesy to others. Our work environment is, and will always be, fun and productive. We will continually and consistently carry ourselves in all ways that are engaging and compassionate, and with an agreeable spirit of conduct that brings out the best in others.

Purpose and Commitment
evTS is committed to fostering a work environment that brings out the best in people and delivers long-term growth and success. We shall continually strive to create an authentic atmosphere of collaboration, the promotion of a relentless pursuit of improvement, and to exhibit an engaging spirit that looks for, and encourages, the best in people and in all that we do.