ev TaaSSM

The FireFly ESV is now even more affordable and easier to acquire

We call it ev Transportation as a Service (“ev TaaS”). You will call it a sensible and smart way to add one or more all-electric FireFly ESV vehicles to your fleet, or a great way to start one! For as little as $2,500 a month per vehicle you can begin experiencing how the FireFly can make a difference in your municipal fleet or private company. 

One simple monthly charge covers all of the costs of owning and operating the FireFly ESV including the charging station, electricity and insurance. Choose your vehicle configuration, select your options*, and install any custom or special equipment. We will deliver a vehicle outfitted to your needs, and the ability to charge it, no long-term contract required.  Just pay a monthly service fee for a minimum term of 1 year, or as long as desired. We are so confident you’ll be happy that we offer a 90-day satisfaction guaranty!

Terms also include all acquisition costs, charging infrastructure installation (if needed), and vehicle maintenance for the length of the term. We also offer a longer-term tax-exempt municipal lease-to-own option, structured so that it’s not considered general obligation debt. This lets cities and towns own the equipment without up-front costs or concerns about monthly operating expenses. Monthly payments are flexible and tied to the useful life of the vehicle and accessories chosen. A tax-exempt municipal lease results in a predictable fixed expenditure that can be easily managed within your annual operating budget — year after year.

The FireFly ev TaaS option is ideal for many public and private sector applications

The FireFly ESV is a zero-emission, high-performance, low-maintenance, light weight utility vehicle specifically designed to meet the needs of the essential services transportation market. 

Built to last, the FireFly features a welded tubular steel frame with integrated rollover protection for safety. The DuraSteer anti-dive front suspension with active stability control system gives the operator the feel of a four-wheel vehicle. A long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and proprietary load distribution design allow the driver to handle any road with ease at electronically governed speeds up to 50 MPH.

The FireFly ESV offers a practical and comfortable solution to the navigation of tight urban spaces with its short turning radius, walk out LinearGlyde doors, and spacious cabin environment. Each vehicle can be customized to meet the unique needs of any customer.

Firefly – Mobility that Works!

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* Some options may require higher monthly payments