FireFly ESV

The FireFly ESV is an all-electric light-weight utility vehicle specifically designed to meet the requirements of essential services users.

Built with performance and  versatility in mind, the FireFly is street legal, highway capable. It also goes farther on a charge, carries a bigger payload than the competition, and can be customized to meet the requirements of almost any task that needs doing. For a number of applications, we have designed purpose-built accessory options, with specialized equipment such as factory approved License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems and custom emergency light packages available. And FireFly’s modular bed can be configured to fit your needs including  an electronic lift dump, first responder inserts, lockable storage and ladder racks, or a refuse collection bed. All of these options and more are possible – your requirements are our only limit!

Whether it be parking enforcement security, last mile urban delivery, property and grounds maintenance, first response or a variety of other tasks on campus or off, the FireFly ESV can be counted on to work tirelessly all day, accomplishing the jobs workers need to do.


Innovation, Safety and Comfort

Mobility That Works The FireFly ESV is a zero-emission, low-maintenance, high-performance, light-weight utility vehicle specifically designed to meet the needs of the essential services market. Built to last, the FireFly features a welded tubular steel frame with integrated rollover protection, DuraSteer™ front suspension, and active stability control system for enhanced safety. The FireFly ESV offers a practical and comfortable solution to navigation of tight spaces with its short turning radius, walk in/out LinearGlyde® doors, and full visibility for the driver. Its design and functionality can be customized to meet the unique needs of any customer.

Superior Stability and Handling

The FireFly ESV’s aircraft inspired DuraSteer front suspension with coil over shocks, anti-dive control, vertical steering angle geometry and active stability control (ESC) system including 3D accelerometer and suspension sensors, maximizes stability and ride control, giving the driver the feel of a four wheel vehicle. The long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and proprietary load distribution design allow the driver to handle the road with ease. 

Interior Comfort and Ergonomics

The FireFly ESV cabin environment has been thoughtfully designed for the comfort and needs of today’s mobile worker. The ergonomic use of space provides for a roomy feel featuring best in class legroom, center, left or right-hand drive, multiple seating configuration options and adjustable, easy to clean heated fabric bucket seats. The wide 30″ LinearGlyde™ doors allow easy walk in/out access. The dashboard “pod” concept, is intuitively designed for visibility of all gauges and easy access to the controls, knobs and switches needed to operate the FireFly and any installed accessories efficiently and safely.

See our Technology below, or download specifications here.

The FireFly ESV is ideal for many essential services applications


Utility, Performance, Connectivity

Customizable Rear Bed Options and Accessory Packages
The FireFly ESV was built with versatility in mind and can be customized for a number of purpose-built applications with specialized equipment such as ALPR and EMS. The modular bed is designed to fit your needs: a flat bed, electronic lift dump, insulated food delivery bed, van box, sidewalk sweeper, disinfectant sprayer or refuse collection bed, are all possible options – your list of jobs is our only limit!

Battery and Charging
The FireFly ESV utilizes the safest Lithium-ion battery technology available (LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate) for superior acceleration, lighter weight, improved energy-efficiency and reliability. The battery management system (BMS) maintains and monitors the vehicle’s traction battery for optimized performance, charging and range, with an expected lifespan of up to 10 years. Finally, evTS recycles its traction batteries, which are reused for energy storage in other applications.

All day range, hill climbing power, road-rated performance
The 102 Volt, 65 HP power train (rated) is 15% more powerful than the competition. Combined with the muscle to climb hills all day, our Integrated Drive System™ featuring our variable-rate electronic drive technology, optimizes speed and range. At 100+ miles per charge (better than any vehicle in its class), and the ability to travel at electronically governed speeds up to 50 mph, the FireFly ESV is the best performing electric light utility vehicle on the market today!

On-Board eDAS, Remote Vehicle Monitoring and Diagnostics
The evTS Data Acquisition System (eDAS) allows fleet operators to collect a range of statistical and performance data parameters, helping them manage their fleet of FireFly ESV vehicles. In addition to tracking a vehicles movement with GPS and monitoring the battery state of charge, this is a great tool that helps map your service and maintenance cycles so that minor issues can be addressed before major problems develop.

FireFly’s proprietary advanced remote monitoring diagnostics functionality continually samples vehicle performance data. Using AI and machine learning technology, that information is analyzed and compared to evTS’ vehicle community experience, giving the eDAS system and its condition-based maintenance (CBM) functionality, the ability to see when a component may be failing, so that a fix can scheduled before it does, giving visual warnings and/or text alerts as appropriate. Both web-based and In-vehicle tablet based eDAS Apps are available.

evTS is proud to stand behind our products and offer the industry’s best and most comprehensive warranty on every FireFly ESV vehicle. Our Limited Warranty provides bumper to bumper coverage of the entire vehicle and the traction battery for a full three years, 24,000 miles or 6,000 hours of use, from the date of delivery, whichever comes first. The frame is further warranted be free from defects in material or workmanship for five years or 40,000 miles. The evTS limited product warranty does have restrictions and limitations, please see your dealer or CONTACT US for further details