Sustainability of Good Earth’s Zero-Emission Firefly Essential Services Vehicle Boosts Clayton’s Status as Missouri’s First EPA Green Power Community

The Firefly, Good Earth’s pioneering high-performance electric utility vehicle, advances the reputation of Clayton, Missouri as a leader in sustainability. Not only does this efficient, practical, and affordable Essential Service Vehicle (ESV) save the city thousands of dollars a year in the parking enforcement fleet, its groundbreaking technology securely places Clayton in the vanguard of the renewable energy movement.

Fort Worth, TX August 21, 2012
– The Firefly, Good Earth’s innovative electric Essential Services Vehicle (ESV) is ideal for progressive communities like Clayton, Missouri that are committed to being leaders in energy efficiency. By embracing new technologies like the Firefly and the state’s largest solar array canopy atop its new Police Station, Clayton makes a bold statement and puts itself ahead of the curve in the movement combining forward-thinking business savvy with an earth-friendly attitude.
Steve Thode, Fleet Manager, and Steve Maness, the city’s senior mechanic, are full of praise for the Firefly, which was placed into service for parking enforcement in June. “We were initially drawn to the Firefly because by regenerating its own power, it is self-sustaining. It has exceeded our expectations.” They pointed out that the Firefly never needs to be recharged during the day, and that the battery level is almost always high, even after running for 8 hours.
The Parking Control Supervisor, Bev Overbey, and the Parking Control Officer, Marvin Holmes, are just as enthusiastic about their new, distinctive ESV. Overbey says that “The Firefly is very comfortable, and we can’t wait to get our next vehicle.” Holmes, who is in the vehicle all day, gets to experience all the positives: the smooth electric drive, the modern equipment, the great visibility, the quiet operation that allows him to hear his surroundings better, no heat from the engine, plenty of room to get in and out, and not having to waste time filling up with gas. “It’s doing a great job if you ask me.”
All agree that working with Good Earth is a plus. Whenever they have a suggestion, the company responds quickly, especially because the Firefly is equipped with an on-board data acquisition system that allows instant feedback that can be shared between the city and the company. Maness is energized by the collaborative effort and says, “I can’t wait until we get the second vehicle.”
Like other clients that have chosen the Firefly—San Francisco International Airport, and the cities of Seattle, Santa Monica, and Roanoke—Clayton proves itself a visionary community that understands being cost-conscious and earth-friendly is good for everyone.
Conceived, designed, engineered, and built entirely in the United Sates, the Firefly uses the longer life-cycle Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery that has an eight-hour charger compatible with a standard household outlet. The Firefly’s groundbreaking technology and software provide unsurpassed performance making it highly energy efficient with 60+ miles per charge and performance speeds up to 45 mph. Because the Firefly is more affordable than gas-powered competitors with overall operational cost savings of more than 85%, it enables cities to enhance revenue generation at lower operating costs.

About Good Earth Energy Conservation, Inc. (GEEC):

Founded in 2006, GEEC is an American company headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Its main product offerings are electric three-wheeled utility and commercial delivery vehicles that are transforming the green vehicle landscape by focusing on quality and engineering. The Company’s approach is based on design efforts to maximize the utilization of the electrical/battery power within its vehicles to meet the high market demand for increased range (60+ miles) and speed (45 mph).

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